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Best Body Piercing Studio in Raleigh

Whether you're looking for a simple ear piercing or something more exotic, the professional and friendly team of expert piercers at Coveredinink are here to help. Our body piercing studio in Raleigh is the perfect environment to put you at ease if you're nervous, and our expertise means we make things as painless as possible. Whatever you're planning to have pierced – you're in the right place. Call for an appointment on +19192212474 today.

Attentive, patient, and caring team

From ear, nose, tongue and eyebrow piercing to more delicate or discreet areas, our extensive experience means we've covered all the bases. You can be sure that at Coveredinink we take extreme precaution to ensure all needles are used one time only, and that tools and jewellery in our studio are individually sterilised and comply with all EU directives. We perform all piercings in private rooms for your comfort and care while our professional staff offer expert advice and high-quality aftercare products.

Hygienic piercing studio

Piercings can be tricky things. It's really important you find an hygienic and experienced professional to carry out the piercing to make sure it's successful. We have been carrying out piercings like this for many years, and we can talk you through the process from start to finish. Call or pop in to our studio today to find out more, we're always happy to answer questions in our relaxed piercing studio.


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